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Over 22 years I accumulated quite a few photographs.........

I now wish I had taken more! This lot only came to light when I was scrabbling around in the loft

looking for a stopcock! In 1992 I bought a video camera so some of these shots are from Hi-8 stills!

A lot of the paper prints had faded or gone “curly”, especially the “Triangle” ones. These were best rendered to monochrome! In all quite a lot of scanning and “Photoshopping” was called for.

Please let me know if you have enjoyed the displays (click on the slide-show button) or if I have

mis-labelled any places or people.      <tonycrake@o2.co.uk>

Some new items added December 2010


   Above....Malaysia in the C2...Very hot and

   humid hence the strange headband !

   Top right.....Me with Pete Hales in Ramsgate

    harbour on “Cockles”


    Right.....With Paul Stewart attending school !